At the same time, 92% of directors in Romania think their companies should pay a “fair share” of taxes, and 84% believe multinational companies should publish revenue, profit and fiscal data for every country where they operate.

“What directors of Romanian companies are telling us is that fiscal policies have a huge impact on the competitiveness of their business and they are afraid that measures taken solely for balancing the budget will inevitably damage companies. At the same time, they admit that the low level of tax collecting is one of Romania’s major vulnerabilities and they support initiatives to increase budget revenue and discourage tax evasion” – Mhaela Mitroi, head of the Legal and Fiscal Consultancy department at PwC.


80% of the study’s participants think that the Government’s priority should be improving infrastructure, the highest average in the world, while 65% of respondents think the authorities would contribute more to the stability of the financial system. (source: