The highest value of the gross profit was over RON 16.6 billion in services sector, where there is the highest number of enterprises, 213,890 units. On the second place are the trade firms with over RON 15.3 billion, followed by industry with around RON 14.2 billion and constructions with RON 3.6 billion.

The turnover of firms was over RON 1,180 billion in 2015.

„The highest share of the turnover was owned by the enterprises in trade area (39.4 percent), the constructions enterprises owning 6.8 percent. The gross added value in 2015 was 40.2 percent in industry, 8.2 percent in constructions, 18.4 percent in trade and 33.2 percent in services,” says the release.

The total value of the gross investments exceeded RON 131.3 billion, a growth by 24.4 percent compared with 2014. (source: