The request has represented 63% of the total volume of transaction activities and was divided into relocation transactions (75%), extensions/new requests (16%) and pre-leasing transactions (9%). The most active sector was the Professional Services, which summed up 33% from the total transaction activity on the office market in 1Q 2013. The general un-occupancy rate for the office spaces remained relatively constant in 1Q, the general average of this rate in Bucharest situating around 16%. There are 367,000 sqm vacant offices in Bucharest. The Western area continues to present the smallest un-occupancy rate, (5%), while the highest is registered in Pipera (26%). The un-occupancy rate in the business centre of Bucharest has continued its decreasing with 2% in 1Q compared to 10% in 4Q2012. The level of the basic rent stabilized around EUR18/sqm/month. For the A class offices in Bucharest, the asked rents start from EUR 16/sqm/month in the central zones and EUR 11/sqm/month in the peripheral zones. As for the B class offices, the asked rents start from EUR 13/sqm/month in central areas and from EUR 9/sqm/month in the peripheral areas. (sursa: