Building a “Multifunctional Centre for Business Development is the first Regio development project for a business structure in South Muntenia region. Opened last year, the complex covers an area of 11,000 sqm and succeeded in creating 83 new permanent jobs, by recruiting only local labour.

Camion Logistic and Romtrailer Service of companies, coordinated by the businessman Ion Lixandru. The idea of the multifunctional centre development appeared in 2007 when the land in Bolintin was bought by own funds in order to develop an industrial complex to further enlarge the capacity of Romtrailer Service.

The initial investment for the land acquisition, its preparation, connecting to the utilities and obtaining the permits reached over EUR 2 million, an amount that wasn‘t included in the value financed by EU funds.

"Initially we intended to start the construction by our own funds, but we found out about the possibility to get EU financing and we called a consultancy company in order to make the project", tells Ion Lixandru, general manager of Camion Logistic.

The multifunctional centre for business development construction took two years, and the opening took place in September 2012. The complex includes a multifunctional warehouse, an office building, parking and waiting area.

The warehouse has 1,900 sq m and was equipped with modern working systems, 18 working posts for repairs and a storehouse of 600 sq m with 10m height.


The office building has three levels and insures all necessary amenities for those working in the complex: locker rooms, cafeteria, showers etc. in the ground floor and a conference room situated in the top floor, equipped with highly modern technique.  (source: