Thus, 50% of the general managers in Romania trust the increase of incomes for their companies along the following 12 months, according to the results of the annual survey PwC Global CEO Survey 2016.


The percentage increased by six percentage points against last year, when it was at 44% and is 15% higher than the global average of 35%.As a result, the company managers in Romania are among the most optimistic leaders in the business world, immediately after the ones in India (64%) and Spain (54%) but much over the ones coming from Western or Eastern Europe.


On medium average, 61% of the executive managers stated that they are very confident in the growth perspective of their income in the next three years, against 54% last year and over the global average of 49%.


This perception of some opportunities of growth means, at the same time, an optimistic attitude with regards to the number of employees, 56% of the local executive managers who express their intention to increase the number of personnel in the next 12 months, while only 18% intend to make reductions of personnel during this year.


‘The optimism of the general managers in Romania stems from economic growth of the last three years, the estimates of growth of GDP for 2016 of 4%. Even so, they should pay attention to the clouds that have started to cover the emerging markets and the capital ones and make sure that we are not taken by surprise in the case of a new global crisis, similar to the 2008 one. To shelter against this, we have to continue in a sustained rhythm the structural reforms, the reduction of bureaucracy, the reform of the public sector and the improvement of the infrastructure of the country, so that we keep Romania on the list of attractive destinations for investments ‘ stated Ionut Simion, country manager partner, PwC Romania.  (source: