The conference succeeded in combining this time also elements of maximum interest for the Romanian constructions and construction equipments market, establishing a good communication environment for the participants: construction companies’ representatives, construction equipments importers, presidents of the most important associations in the sector, merchants of products/connected services.


Important decision makers in the sector have participated to the conference, helping to understand the current market situation, after the first quarter of the current year.


The opening speech of the conference was Laurentiu Plosceanu’s, President of ARACO (Romanian Association of Construction Entrepreneurs) which made a complex radiography of the construction market’s problem in 2015, from the point of view if the modification of the legal procedure in public acquisitions, as well as other older problems of the constructions sector.


Liviu Neagu, President of ADUC (Association of the Construction Equipments Distributors) spoke about the market’s realities the equipment distributors are facing, also making a retrospective of 2014 in terms of using European funds for equipment acquisitions.


Oana Stoenescu, Sales Director Garanti Leasing, presented the theme "The Leasing – a solution for costs optimization", speaking about how Garanti Leasing supported Romanian construction entrepreneurs.


Petre Babiceanu, Managing Director Terra Romania presented the theme "Live-Link – telematic solution of JCB for clients".  Terra Romania brings an innovative solution for monitoring, managing and improving a series of important parameters of the equipment, by a fleet management system where the client knows everything about the equipments and can use the information for a complete analysis.


"The role of new directives on public acquisitions and concessions in re-launching the construction market " was presented by Alina Bilan, Partener ONV Law. In tandem with the presentation of ARACO, she described the legal modification to come, especially the attribution criteria.


PwC Romania made an interesting presentation during the event, called "Opportunities and challenges in customs tax and environment fund", brilliantly sustained by Lorina Darmanescu, Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers Romania.


Victor Ignat, Business Analyst of IBC Focus, explained "What have in common the constructions in Romania and the shoes market in Africa from the 1900?" His presentation starts from the situation where two salesmen are sent in Africa in order to check the market’s potential. One of them comes back saying : "In Africa the situation is awful, it’s a total chaos and maximum poverty, there is no market there!". The other one comes back and says: "Nobody wears shoes in Africa, we need to go there as there is a maximum potential!".  The presentation showed therefore how two different visions could speak about the same reality.


Amelia GIANTARU - Deputy Project Manager RoSEFF, Tractebel Engineering (GDF Suez) presented  RoSEFF, a financing program developed by the EU and EBRD. Currently,  there are 150 RoSEFF investments ongoing or already implemented. The total value of the financing is EUR 13 million.


The importer of Germany’s Tracto Technik products in Romania, the company Voltrak, represented by  Vlad Voiculescu at the event, has presented an ingenious technology "no dig", with numerous advantages compared to the classical solutions currently operated.


Gabriel Petrescu, Executive manager of The foundation for an open society, spoke about the human resources efficiency through innovative methods.


Important construction companies also took part at the event, such as: Bouygues Construction, Carpatcement Holding SA, Hidroconstructia, ICECON, OVI Group, SUT Carpati SA, Maxi Design, TransConstruct Snagov and many other.


The conferences organized by “Masini si Utilaje pentru Constructii” intend to offer solutions for a general problem in the current constructions market, having as purpose the optimization and efficiency of the construction equipments acquisition/sale process, with the help of intelligent solutions.


The conferences powered by “Masini si Utilaje pentru Constructii” generate a favourable environment for a constructive communication between the participants, enabling the networking, the dynamic presentations, latest news in construction field and connected services, for the participants to have a clear return on investment.


The conference’s sponsors include:  Terra Romania Utilaje de Constructii (importer JCB), Motoractive IFN - Garanti Leasing, Goodyear, Energoutilaj, Forch and Webeye.

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