These new partnerships reaffirm the attractiveness of J8 Office Park. This business hub is in a blooming residential area with a focus on connectivity due to the subway and the future metro line developments that will connect J8 Office Park directly with the Southern part of Bucharest. Moreover, numerous public transportations, micro-mobility options and quick access to schools, day care, parks and retail centres have been at the core of decision for the new upcoming tenants.

Due the new leasing partnerships, the J8 Office Park community will be enriched with approximatively 800 employees, adding to the vibrant dynamics of this office landmark. The winning argument in selecting J8 Office Park for a long-term partnership was given by the highest ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards, which consider environmental, social, and corporate governance factors involved in developing the building. These high standards are recognised at industry level, with J8 Office Park winning the 2022 Aiming for Net Zero Building of the Year award at the CEEQA Awards.

Positioned in the north-west of Bucharest, just minutes from the Jiului metro station and the Expoziției– Piața Presei Liberei area, J8 Office Park was the first office building to incorporate the latest medical grade technologies and carbon reduction standards, offering a safe and healthy work environment.

Florin Furdui, Country Manager Portland Trust Romania: “Portland Trust has demonstrated with J8 Office Park that the intersection of technology, location and amenities is the ideal equation for tenants who can enjoy efficiency, both in terms of cost and in terms of harmonizing travel time for employees, through increased connectivity and access to public transport. We are in the efficiency paradigm, where everything we develop must support cost competitiveness and must support work-life balance for employees. That’s why for J8 Office Park we have invested in a universe of facilities to meet these needs, and the attractiveness of our designed model is affirmed by new partnerships. “

The building is powered by 100% green energy and features solar panels for water heating and a ventilation system that brings 100% fresh air into the building (air is not recirculated), and H14 HEPA filters capture up to 99.995% of microscopic contaminants, assisted by UV-C/UVGI lamps in the air handling units that destroy viruses and bacteria.  

Eugen Gane, Chief Human Resources Officer Dr. Max Romania: “Relocating the headquarters is a strategic step through which we reaffirm our commitment to our team, ensuring a modern, comfortable, and accessible working environment in accordance with the highest sustainability standards. This decision reflects our constant concern for employee well-being and our dedication to building an employer brand that puts people first. We are pleased to have Portland Trust as a trusted partner on this journey.“

The ground floor of Building A, where the three tenants will have their headquarters, offers a retail ecosystem, including: a Mega Image supermarket, the first store in Bucharest of the award-winning Coffee Island coffee shop chain, and an Xtime store. In addition to these, tenants can enjoy a Stradale restaurant, as well as an artisanal bakery, Pain Plaisir. Also, the mobility features are completed by Autonom.

Tenants have in the building’s ecosystem of amenities including the Mobile Vet veterinary practice, which offers both medical services and products for pets, and many big names in the medical and sports segments, including World Class Romania, a market leader in the fitness industry, which occupies 1,400 sqm, Medicover with medical services, as well as the Medy Sportline clinic offering physiotherapy, and Medima with their latest RMN technologies.

Adriana Lungu, Chief Financial Officer HIGH-TECH SYSTEMS & SOFTWARE (HTSS):” We have found in J8 Office Park a hub for creativity and productivity with a great retail mix to satisfy all the needs that our employees might have. The location and all the alternatives via public transportation that we have at J8 Office Park are key for our employer branding strategy.”

To encourage micro-mobility, J8 Office Park tenants have access to a parking spot for 200 bicycles, which is accessible only using access cards to emphasise on security.

Cristian Pestrițu, Managing Partner & Founder REO Medical: “A landmark that encapsulates all the medical amenities understands the needs of a business in this niche and we are glad to have found the perfect spot for our company which will be the hub for further business growth”.