Revenues rose by 36%, to 2.33 billion lei, and expenses decreased by 87% to 24 million lei. The holding had one employee at the end of 2023, compared to 3 at the end of 2022.

The holding is 60% controlled by Dragoş Pavăl and 40% by Adrian Pavăl, according to the platform.

At the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Paval Holding is an investor in companies such as Alro Slatina, Transelectrica, Purcari, Vrancart.

Pavăl Holding has invested massively, in recent years, in real estate, securing a portfolio worth 900 million euros of office and logistics buildings such as U-Center 1, The Bridge, and with the acquisition of the CA Immo portfolio from Romania, with seven office projects in Bucharest (River Place, Opera Center 1 and 2, Europehouse, Bucharest Business Park, Orhideea Towers and Campus 6.1), becomes the second largest office space owner in the country, after Globalworth.

At the same time, Pavăl Holding is a shareholder of Bebe Tei and Farmacia Tei, Promateris SA, as well as some construction businesses such as Cemacon, Tehnolux or Navaria Ceramics.