”I think it doesn’t matter where from comes the capital, as it doesn’t have any colour or nationality. An entrepreneur which for instance attracts in his business a foreign investment funds , becoming automatically foreign capital in statistics, is a good thing for the Romanian economic environment”, Şandor added.


He considers that if the business is generated and carried forward by a Romanian entrepreneur and a Romanian team, this is the most important thing. ”When a company is backed by a Romanian entrepreneur the probability of that business to relocate is smaller”, says the real estate developer’s representative.


Considering the situation in Timişoara, Ovidiu Şandor says that the city has negative unemployment, which means the number of available jobs exceeds a number of times the number of unemployed.


”It is strange that we insist on policies supporting the unemployed in areas affected by high unemployment and we try to attract companies in those areas and we should ask why we didn’t attract investments there. I believe we should support the relocation of those persons in areas where they could find a job”, he also said. (source: zf.ro)