The most expensive space for sale available at the moment is worth EUR 5.1 million, covers 8,000 sqm and is situated near the railway station. Next place, following at quite a distance, is a building closer to the central area, near Cismigiu park, selling for EUR 1.5 million, its four floors spanning 606 sqm.


The Bellagio club, spanning 1,345 sqm, has recently been put up for sale by Libra Bank for EUR 1.04 million. According to bank representatives, the company is insolvent after having contracted a credit it was unable to pay.


A downtown building with an area of over 900 sqm designed to host a medical clinic can be bought for EUR 750,000, the building. The building is subdivided into 11 rooms with bathrooms. The last destination was for a medical clinic building, for which all required authorizations to operate were obtained.


A five level office building in Margeanului (Rahova) is put up for sale for EUR 490,000.


An owner sells a lounge cafe of 80 sqm, located in the Barbu Vacarescu area, for EUR 28,000 and a restaurant in Viilor area is up for sale for EUR 265,000.


The lowest asking price for a commercial space of 4 sqm located at the metro station Pipera is EUR 6,000. (source: