“Given the volume of new stock to be delivered this year and considering the same vacancy rate reported at the end of 2015, the number of employees in the capital working in modern office buildings could reach approximately 240,000 by the end of 2016,” added Mihaela Galatanu, the head of research at DTZ Echinox.


The areas of Bucharest with the highest number of employees working in class A and B office buildings are Pipera Sud (Dimitrie Pompeiu) with 38,120 employees, followed by Barbu Vacarescu – Floreasca with 31,250 employees and West Bucharest with 27,093 employees, according to DTZ Echinox data.


Approximately 25,000 employees are working in the central business district (Victoriei – Aviatorilor) and around 20,000 in center and northern Bucharest (Baneasa). Southern and eastern Bucharest report the lowest number of employees working in class A and class B office buildings.


The building area per employee (sqm) is largest in headquarters located in the central business district, downtown Bucharest and center-north (excluding the Barbu Vacarescu area) while the smallest is in buildings used for back-office operations in Pipera sud (Dimitrie Pompeiu). (source: business-review.eu)