There are also new trends emerging, such as the "hot desk" offices.

Considering office design, in the last years most of the companies, mainly multinationals, have chosen the open space type, this feature providing a more efficient space planning, also a better communication between departments.

More and more, the „hot desk” office concept has increased in multinationals’ preferences. This very flexible system doesn’t involve a stable working space for each employee, having the possibility to change the office desk according to the tasks and activities currently running, according to a recent study made by Global City Business Park, one of the most main office projects in Northern Bucharest, owned by the investment fund Global Finance.

According to Global City Business Park’s representatives, the companies are looking for easy to custom office spaces, which can be adapted to their specific business needs, both as location and as available facilities. Moreover, a very important aspect when choosing an office space is also the quality-price ratio and the maintenance costs.

One of the most important aspects influencing the selection of an office space, apart from the choice of particular locations, is the possibility to partition the space according to needs, the access to natural light and to common transportation means.

The facilities within the office building are also very important, the companies aiming to support their employees. Therefore, the bank branches, the pharmacies, the stores and the restaurants within the office complexes or in the close proximity represent an advantage.

According to Global City Business Park’s representatives, this is a good moment for companies targeting relocation or renting an office space, considering the actual state of the market, the companies currently benefiting from a very good quality-price ratio for a part of the existing projects.

Nevertheless it is very important that when looking for offices the companies to pay a higher attention to their main needs and not to compromising about the quality of services. Another important aspect is the reputation of the building’s owners. When the premises is not well chosen, there are risks for long term high costs or even problems involving the tenants’ comfort and the rented space use.

Situated in northern Bucharest, Global City Business Park has a built area of 56,000 sq. m and a total A class office rentable area of 51,000 sq. m in two buildings. The project includes 28,000 sq. m underground built area, with 844 parking places, in addition to the exterior parking places of the complex. The project started in October 2007 and was completed in February 2010.

Currently Global City Business Park has 28 tenants, the biggest part of the rented area being occupied by companies such as Coca-Cola HBC Romania, Michelin Romania, Total Soft, Call Point, Euroins, Ford, Cycle, ICAP, Quintiles, Daewoo and Monsanto.

Global Finance, established in 1991 in Athens, is an independent investment company, among the pioneers of the private equity and venture capital fields in the region, The operations of Global Finance include the private capital funds management, real estate development and advisory services in SEE.

In 2005, Global Finance entered the real estate market, aiming investments in Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia. Global Finance has offices in Athens, Sofia, Bucharest and Belgrade.


The company, which made more than 80 investments in 11 countries, entered the Romanian market in 1996, ever since investing in different fields, such as pharmaceuticals, technologic, telecommunications, food, recycling, insurance and real estate. (source: