A number of 926 companies filed for insolvency in September, compared to 641 in August, these two months marking the lowest levels so far this year, considering that 2,093 companies became insolvent in July, 2,000 in June, 2,149 in May, 2,089 in April, 2,115 in March, 2,631 in February and 2,054 in January, according to ONRC data.


At national level 10 counties registered hikes of 4.04 to 51.46 per cent in the number of insolvencies, while the rest of the counties reported drops that started off from 0.62 per cent.


Most of the companies that have financial difficulties continue to be those active in trade, constructions and processing industry. On the other hand, the number of new companies set up has dropped by 21.54 per cent to 79,000. Most of the companies set up in the first nine months are active in trade (30,062 companies, up by 6.56 per cent year-on-year). A high number of companies were also set up in the professional, scientific and technical domain (7,626) as well as the constructions domain (6,067).


Approximately 1 million companies were active at the end of September. (Source: nineoclock.ro)