This year will be delivered Class A office buildings that will total 224,000 sqm , 84% of which will open in the second part of the year, according to an estimate made in ESOP Consulting's latest report CORFAC International.

Most office buildings will be delivered in the center-west area, where this year's largest volume of pre-rentals has been signed. There will be deliveries with high surfaces, as it is generally multi-phase projects located on the ring of the 1st subway.

Among the most anticipated deliveries are Campus 6.1, next to the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, the first building in the Campus 6 project, which will have a virtual reception and will bring for the first time as a facility a dedicated smartphone application, through which the employees will be able to control the space work (such as access etc.). Another project in the center-west area that will deliver new spaces soon is AFI Tech Park, with a total of 22,000 sqm ready in 2018. Also by the end of this year will be delivered the Day Tower and Unirii View office buildings, both located in the Unirii area. In the center-north area this year will be delivered a single building, Globalworth Campus - Bldg. B.

The new office desk, the one outlined in the Exhibition area, will have its first offices available from 2019, when the first two class A office buildings are expected to be delivered to the Expo Business Park project. According to Esop, City Rose Park 1, the main competitor of this project, will deliver the first office space since 2020. In total, 94,000 sqm of office space will be built in the area.

In 2019, in the Barbu-Vacarescu area, office projects will be delivered such as Equilibrium, Globalworth Campus Bldg C and Oregon Park-Bldg.C. Altogether, in the center-north area, in 2018-2020, 137,000 sqm of office space will be put into use. (source: ESOP)