According to Immpuls Real Estate Solutions, a real estate consultancy, design and project management company, the initial investments in cooling equipment for office buildings with this type of façade are four times bigger than on more experienced markets. Tudor Popp, the company managing director, says that the façade curtains, usually considered as a symbol of modernity, are overused on the Romanian office buildings landscape, contributing to a high energy consumption and tenants’distress, as they are often build with cheap materials and do not fit Romanian clime conditions. A building façade represents from 20% to 35% of the construction costs and is one of the main arguments to convince the investors and the tenants. Immpuls warns the tenants that usually, when choosing the façade the developers only take in consideration the initial investment, without paying attention to long term management costs. For example, for 15,000 sqm built area, the commonly met solution for the façade – glass with solar protection factor – brings the developer 2million euros saving for the façade costs, but generates additional yearly costs up to 200,000 euros for the tenants, comparing to an efficient façade system. Although raised in the last ten years, many of the office buildings in Romania are currently aged, generating problems for their users. (source: