The overall value of the share capital of the 4,912 newly founded companies amounts to 35.5 million dollars. Most companies were set up in March, respectively 509, by 17.7 pct fewer than in the same month of 2015.

At the end of October, the number of companies in Romania with foreign capital participation was of 209,378, the overall value of the share capital being of over 43.8 billion euro.

According to data from ONRC, Romania recorded in 2015 the lowest number of newly founded companies with foreign capital in the last 18 years. Thus, last year, a number of 5,831 were set up last year, on the decrease from 6,219 firms, in 2014. After 1991, most companies were founded in 2007, when over 15,000 such units were recorded. At the opposite end, the fewest were founded in 1995, respectively 3,400.

From the point of view of the issued share capital, 2015 is the weakest year in the last 12 years as regards the companies founded with foreign capital, given that the overall value amounts to roundabout 1.2 billion euro. In 2003, the overall sum was 996.2 million euro. The greatest value of the share capital, of almost 4 billion euro, cumulated, was recorded in 2008. A noteworthy value was also recorded in 2014, of 3.89 billion euro. As regards the lowest value after 1991, 1995 stands out with a share capital worth 183.7 million euro. Comparing with 2014, last year the overall value was by 68 pct lower, according to ONRC data.

From 1991 to 2015, a number of 204,466 companies with foreign capital participation were set up, the overall issued share capital value being of over 42.8 billion euro, with a predominance of construction companies (proportion of 27.2 pct), industry (25.9 pct) and professional services (19.3 pct). Most such companies were set up in Bucharest, respectively 92,072, with an overall value of the share capital of 21.9 billion euro.

Out of a number of 204,466 companies, 41,749 companies have Italian capital, but Dutch companies have the greatest share capital value, respectively 8.4 billion euro, in approximately 4,600 companies. (source: