In the latest round of the survey, conducted Feb. 17–March 7, 2014, consumer confidence increased in 60 percent of markets measured by Nielsen—up from 43 percent the previous quarter (Q4 2013).


Indonesia (124) reported the highest consumer confidence index score for the fifth consecutive quarter, which was flat compared to fourth-quarter 2013. Croatia and Italy each reported the lowest consumer confidence scores (45), an increase of one point each compared to the previous quarter. Egypt (87) and Switzerland (104) reported the largest quarter-on-quarter increases of 11 and 10 points, respectively. Ukraine (56) reported the biggest quarterly decline of seven points.


The indicator regarding the population’s trust in the economy, calculated by Nielsen for Q1 increased in Romania by 5 points, at 67 points, against the last quarter of the previous year.


At the level of Europe, consumers’ trust improved in 21 out the 32 states under analysis, the biggest increases of the indicators taken place in Switzerland (+10 to 104 points), France (+8, to 59 points), Greece (+8 to 53 points), Portugal (+7 to 51 points), Estonia (+6 to 79 points), Bulgaria (+6 to 68 points), Ireland (+5 to 82 points) and Romania (+5 to 67 points). (source: