The company was set up by Johan Rogiers, Horia Chioseaua and Christian Dumolin, founder of Koramic Real Estate Belgium. Millstone Developments starts off with two projects, projected to start in 2017: a residential complex on the Grivita lake and a boutique office building near Otopeni Airport.

Romania is a market that is continuously evolving as far as the real estate sector is concerned, and, although we see new projects every year, there is a need for a sustainable model, Johan Rogiers, Millstone Developments Founding Partner said. „We created Millstone Developments because we know we have a lot to offer in this field, after many years in the industry, and we want to give an example, by developing niche projects, but with a high level of sustainability and by providing high quality projects, with BREEAM certifications,” Rogiers said.

Currently, the company operates in Bucharest and will start development of the two projects at the beginning of 2017, estimating a total market value of EUR 34 million.

„Our projects are combining the high construction standards with modern design, in premium locations. We are building on solid traditional values and develop sustainable properties, because we want comfortable homes and inspirational offices. We set high objectives and are planning to reshape the market and to follow the highest international standards in Bucharest,” Rogiers said.

Flanders Fields Residences, to be developed on the Grivita Lake, offers 44 building units in three buildings with a total built surface of 4,400 square meters, on a total surface of 26,000 square meters. The first phase of the project is to be developed on a surface of approximately 5,300 square meters. The real estate project will feature apartments built on 62 to 140 square meters.

The development of Skybox office building near the Otopeni International Airport will focus on efficiency and accesibility, and will feature a built surface of 5,000 square meters on two levels.

„All large international airports have efficient offices nearby,” Johan Rogiers. We believe that the Bucharest business community too will see the benefits of an office that works as a window towards the world,” Johan Rogiers said. (source: