The company already announced it will begin the recruiting process, creating new jobs for 150 persons, mainly for the sales and tech support segments, with jobs opening such as team managers, customer experience specialists, financial analysts, business operations managers, project managers and ICT administrators.

The office in Bucharest is the first in Europe, except for the one opened last year in Dublin, where the company has hired 400 people.

Voxpro also opened last year two offices in the United States, in Athens (Georgia) and Sacramento (California), where 500 jobs were created.

Therefore, Voxpro is now capable of provided non-stop services for its clients, regardless of the time zone.
The local outsourcing market is thus diversifying with a new worldwide operator.
 „We conduct solid partnerships with the world’s most well-known tech companies (...), the new location is contributing to the company’s development“, said Dan Kiely, CEO of Voxpro. 

The company delivers its support services in more than 30 countries.
There are more than 100,000 employees working in outsourcing in Romania, being one of the more powerful and developed countries in the region, considering that the entire Central and Eastern Europe market includes nearly 600,000employees in the industry segment, shows data of the real estate consultant  Colliers International. (source: