„Since the new production capacities we succeeded in having a prompter presence on the market for our resellers and construction companies. This is reflected in the turnover “, has declared Bărbuţ.

The company has opened this year new polystyrene factories in Oradea and in Roman, and prepares to open a new paint production unit in Ploiesti, at the end of July.

AdePlast is a producer of adhesives, paint and polystyrene and registered last year a turnover of approx. EUR 41.5 million, with nearly 25% growth compared to the previous year. For 2013 the company targets approx. EUR 50 million turnover.

Generally most of the sale in construction industry takes place in the second part of the year. On the local polystyrene market also activate players such as Austrotherm and Arcon, on the adhesives market players such as Henkel and Baumit, and on the paint market players such as Fabryo and Policolor. (source: zf.ro)