The investment fund NEPI and the real estate division of IKEA want the plot of the pumps factory Aversa Bucharest, in order to develop a mall and respectively an office building. IKEA would like to build an office building for its SEE headquarters, according to a declaration of a director within Aversa, which identity is kept private by the source.

None of the two developers is qualifying for the bid of today for selling the assets of Aversa, as the state owner has included in the tender book that the future owner would have to keep at least for three years the factory’s range of activity.

„We are interested in AVERSA’s plot, but I think the bid is arranged. The conditions attached to the bid are hard to meet.  We are not meeting the conditions in the tender book too, such as keeping the production and I believe this was drawn for specific buyers. This is disqualifying us. But I think there are other methods for keeping the production, such as the relocation outside Bucharest. Yes, we intend to buy for a retail project, but this is not the only plot we are looking at. There are other big plots in Bucharest, with perspective ", has declared for ECONOMICA.NET, Martin Slabbert, CEO within NEPI.

The liquidator of the bankrupt pumps factory has already kept four failed bids for the selling of the company’s assets. Next week is the last bid which, if failed, will lead to the cancelation of the current procedure and the entire process will be redesigned.

 The cited Aversa’s director has also declared that, most probably, the fifth bid will be a failure too and that it is very hard for the state’s plan to keep the range of activity to work.

„Those willing to pay are the real estate developers, such as NEPI or the real estate division of IKEA. Romanian industrialists do not have financial power, maybe they would have to associate in order to offer”, the source said.

Among the Romanian industrial group there have been discussions with General Turbo and Romelectro, but no result was registered.

Currently, Aversa has rented warehouses, equipment and personnel to Industrialexport, a company from Romenergo group, for 10% of the company sales. Romenergo haven’t shown any interest in buying Aversa.

The main asset of the factory it is represented by the approx. 10 ha land situated in Obor area, 10 minutes from Bucharest centre.

Until last year, when Aversa declared bankruptcy, it was one of the most important pumps producers in Central and Eastern Europe.  (source: