Certification of buildings according to the DEKRA Trusted Facility Standard required a complete audit of the assessment of health protection measures in accordance with World Health Organization guidelines, in accordance with the complete and correct health safety practices of all standardized protocols to combat the spread of COVID-19 for company offices.

"In the current context of the pandemic, but also to keep pace with changing management responsibilities, employers are setting new standards for employee health and safety to confidently reopen office locations. Those who certified themselves wanted to put the protection and safety of people at work, in the office, at the forefront. The certification obtained ensures the ability to work in a team, in the office, in the conditions of COVID-19 and offers security for employees, an increase of confidence in office spaces in order to successfully resume their activity in a physical environment, together with others colleagues ", says Cornel Iacob, Regional Director, DEKRA Certification.

Obtaining DEKRA Trusted Facility Standard confirms that the measures implemented are working through proven best practices to combat the spread of COVID-19, in line with international health standards, with assessments by an independent audit body recognized as DEKRA . Employees will enjoy increased comfort in carrying out their professional activities safely, in accordance with WHO directives and international and local regulatory agencies.

Following the successful completion of the audit, the buildings in the north of the capital will use the DEKRA certification mark in both physical (sticker) and electronic format in all commercial communications to promote their location as a reliable one.

The DEKRA Global Network of Experts understands the needs of any company wishing to obtain the DEKRA Trusted Facility Standard. The certification process is transparent, simple and easy for companies that need an audit to understand. The evaluation of both the procedures and the correct and complete implementation and their functionality regarding the limitation of the spread of COVID-19 is carried out exclusively on site and is carried out by DEKRA experts. Following the positive result, the evaluated company receives the DEKRA certificate and the certification mark, valid for 6 months and the location is registered on the DEKRA portal which includes all nationally certified entities.