In Bucharest, most office projects with urban gardens will be in the center-west area, which will accumulate more than 180,000 square meters of space in green projects, such as AFI Tech Park, Campus 6, The Light, The Bridge and Business Garden Bucharest.

According to an international study conducted by the University of Exeter, England, in collaboration with the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, and the University of Queensland, Australia, plants and green areas in the office improve 15% of employees' productivity. This is why employers are more attentive to the work environment, a phenomenon also seen by investors in the new generation of office buildings.

"In the past, developers of office projects have been using land for maximum, for construction and parking, green areas being rarely included and even then, benefiting from minimal resources.
Currently, however, the developers are also investing in this feature, one in two projects launched and announced on the Bucharest office market have also included landscape elements in exterior design, green spaces with relaxing functions or as an alternative to the work space, equipped with urban furniture.
New office projects also feature indoor gardens with coffee and socialization terraces, green areas with urban and wardrobe furniture, outdoor amphitheaters or parks, presented as future facilities for employees so they should be more creative and more productive, could relax close to the workspace or even use these green spaces for meetings and networking", says Alexandru Petrescu, Managing Partner ESOP l Corfac International.
The offices within The Bridge office project located in Orhideea-Grozăveşti area, will be soon delivered, featuring interior gardens. A particularly generous green space will bring the AFI Tech Park project, with an indoor garden and generous atrium so all workstations should have access to a green area. 
In the Orhidee area, one of the main streets in the western center area, the Business Garden Bucharest project will be delivered in 2018, which will also have an indoor garden, a garden featuring relaxation and socializing spaces.
Also in the center-west area is to be delivered The Light project, which will integrate an office area and a residential area linked to a green, relaxing space and Campus 6, already in an advanced stage of construction, which will have a run lane on the roof and an outdoor amphitheater.
A major office project inaugurated this year, Timpuri Noi Square, already attracts the attention of the passers-by in the area with its outdoor garden and allows the employees of the first companies relocated here to relax outdoors in the spaces specially designed for socializing.
In the center-north area, four large green projects are planned: Oregon Park, with an indoor garden, Equilibrium, with a relaxed outdoor space and the newly-launched Bluerose Office Campus (renamed Expo Business Park), which has planned an outdoor amphitheater within a park area right in the middle of the future class A office complex.
Prime green office projects are also announced across the country, such as ISHO class A office complex in Timişoara, which will also have a landscaped park on a total area of 7,500 sqm, in a mixed-use project, including office and residential buildings. (source: ESOP)