„We own several commercial and office spaces, including Mega Image as a tenant in 12 spaces, banks, pharmacies. On the total we have 50,000 sq. m of spaces and we intend to expand, mainly in Bucharest“, said Georgios Malideros (26), which moved to Bucharest a year ago. His father is living here for the last two decades.


The Malideros family has developed in the last 22 years several businesses in Romania, including the supermarket chain Mega Image, sold to the Belgian Delhaize and the dairy producer Brenac, now in bankruptcy. Currently the Greeks own beside Osho only real estate businesses, namely 50,000 sq. m commercial and offices spaces, a number which positions them in the top of the biggest owners in Bucharest.



The real estate properties of the Malideros family are operated in Romania by the company Dolphin Invest, which registered in 2012 a turnover of 22 million lei (EUR 5 million) a profit of 9.4 million lei (EUR 2 million), both up compared to 2011. „In the last period, in crises, it’s harder and harder to find tenants, and the existing clients are asking for price cuts. It is normal in the current economic conditions.“ (source: zf.ro)