The Oregon Park clinic covers an area of over 700 m2 on the ground floor of Building B in the office complex and provides easy access to medical services at the highest standards, both for employees working in the northern part of the capital and for residents of the area. 

The new Medicover unit is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and provides over 20 medical specialties at the highest Swedish standards 

"Last year we focused on expanding our network in Romania, so we opened two new clinics, purchased a third one and we relocated and expanded two other units. This year, in addition to regional expansion, we continue to develop our core network in Bucharest to meet the significant demand from local patients and the business community. Demand for our high-quality medical services continued to grow, and 95% of our patients said they were happy and very pleased with them.
 Through the 11 Medicover units present in Bucharest and the health insurance service for corporate clients, complementing the medical subscriptions we offer, we are one step closer to our goal: to make quality medical services easily accessible to all Romanians. ", said Adrian Peake, General Manager of Medicover Romania. 
(Source: Medicover)