According to the estimates in May 2014, in construction activity in the next three months there will be an increase in the production volume (estimate balance of +28%) and in the stock of contracts and orders (estimate balance of +23%). Managers forecast that the number of employees will increase moderately (estimate balance of +11%). As to the prices of construction works, the data collected by the INS from the managers of commercial companies show, for the period from May to July, a moderate increase (estimate balance of +12%).


Also, within the a survey of estimates in May this year, managers in the processing industry forecast, for the next three months, a moderate increase in the production volume (estimate balance of +13%).


In the case of making coal-based products and products obtained from processing crude oil (balance of +53 %) and for the making of beverages (balance of +41%), there will be a trend of significant increase.


For the prices of industrial products, a relative stability is forecast in the next three months (estimate balance of +5%) and as far as the number of employees goes, a balance of +2% is estimated per total processing industry.


According to the cited source, in the retail trade sector, managers have estimated for the next three months a growth trend of economic activity (estimate balance of +22%) and of the volume of orders placed to the suppliers of goods by commercial units (estimate balance of +21%).


Employers forecast, for May-July, a relative stability of the number of employees (estimate balance of +2%), while retail prices will record increases in the next period (estimate balance of +17%).


In the service sector, the demand (turnover) will see a moderate growth in the next three months (estimate balance of +10%), as well as stability in the number of employees (estimate balance of -4%) and in prices (estimate balance of +3%).


The estimate balance indicates the perception of respondents on the dynamics of a phenomenon, but it should not be mistaken for the intensity of the increase or the decrease in the value of a statistical indicator, the INS informs. (source: