Relocating the programmers is part of the Swiss companies strategy not to have more than 20 percent of its workforce in a single geographical region, according to company director, Dmitri Losinin.


Clients in USA and Europe requested that the company to reduce involvement in the two countries, he added.


Luxoft developed through programmers in Russia and Ukraine, who provide cheaper work than the IT specialists in the West. Deutsche Bank, UBS and Ford Motor are among the company’s main clients.


The IT service supplier has 7,500 employees and 49 percent of them work from Russia while 29 percent are in Ukraine, according to data supplied at the end of March.


Part of the programmers could come to Romania, where the company is planning on expanding .It would also hire more people from the Eastern European countries currently considered, while also planning to do hiring in Vietnam.


Luxoft currently has offices in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Ukraine, UK, USA, Vietnam. In Romania, Luxoft has 800 employees. (source: