Liviu Tudor, the owner of the business parks Novo Park in Pipera and West Gate in Militari, projects with a total rentable area of 150,000 sqm, says that the qualified personnel and the competitive wage level make Romania the main investment target in the region.

„I believe that after the crises you should be present as an investor in Romania because there will be hugely to build. I think that Poland will be less and less unattractive, considering that the gap between it and the Occident reduced dramatically comparing to the rest of the countries in Eastern Europe, and the next target as dimension is Romania, where I believe the new office trend will follow“, he declared for ZF.

Until four-five years ago, Liviu Tudor was an extremely discreet player, running his business from his headquarters at Marriott, where he currently still works, even if he already made the biggest Romanian office owner.

Meanwhile, in the 12 building he developed, almost 20,000 employees of exclusive multinational companies are working. He saw the transformation of the Pipera area from the stage of „IT and electronics boulevard“  to the current Bucharest „La Defense“ and he says that he still have 105,000 sqm where he could develop office buildings, a sector where he invested by now EUR 300 million.

„The ground has always been the loans“, the businessman says. „The development should be done either with the support of the bank, or if a specialized fund. We mostly worked with Alpha Bank, which was for us almost the exclusive bank. “

His current intentions are to transform the family business in a corporation, ZF says. (source: