In 11 of the 15 largest transactions, developers bought land for residential projects, according to a report by real estate consulting firm Crosspoint Real Estate.

Among the most important names involved in these transactions were London Partners, One United Properties or Cordia.
According to the analysis, the only land purchased during this period in Bucharest for office developments is a plot in the Orhideelor aea (West) of 7,920 sqm, bought from NCH by RC Invest for EUR 5.1 million.
There were two lands purchased for industrial developments, in Otopeni and Chitila respectively, 171,000 sqm in total, one purchased by Marcom and the other by Globalworth.

The most expensive transaction on the land segment in the first half of the year (20 million EUR) was between SIF Banat Crisana and BelRom, through the judicial liquidator PwC Business Recovery Services, which auctioned the land in the context in which the seller is bankrupt. Initially, the land of the former Helitube factory in Colentina, with an area of 89,000 square meters, had been bought by BelRom in 2008, with a huge amount of 60 million euros, to develop a shopping center.

The second transaction, in terms of market value, was the one in which the British developer London Partners bought a 2.8 hectare plot of land in the Exhibition Boulevard area, from a private investor, for 15 million EUR. (source: