The building is situated on 19 Frumoasă St. and it is declared historical monument.

The villa has a starting price of EUR 1.1 million and the value estimated between EUR 1.2 and 1.5 million, according to Artmark.

The beautiful villa was built in 1910 on Frumoasă St. (Beautiful St.), named after the Cantacuzino Palace, currently "George Enescu" National Museum, named in the period the Beautiful House.

The valuated property is situated close to the street end towards Buzesti St. Recently, the villa became the quarters of the new Tempini showroom, an expression of the Italian refinement and luxury.

The land area is 286 square metres, while the built area is 500 square metres. The villa has 14 rooms and four bathrooms and was built in 1910.

Frumoasa St. was populated over time with imposing buildings, including the beautiful villa from number 19th, currently part of the national patrimony, declared historical monuments.

The street in downtown Bucharest has a rich architectural history and was also named after the nickname of the Cantacuzino Palace owner, namely Nababului St. (source: