GTC has a new main shareholder after the powerful American group Lone Starbought 30 pct of the shares a year ago, and this year the president of the board was named  Thomas Kurzmann, a manager who worked for Volksbank in the last five years.


„GTC is in due diligence process for the acquisition if three office buildings in Bucharest. Two of them are owned by Volksbank group - Premium Point and Budişteanu Office –,and the third building is is Phoenix Tower in Piaţa Vitan, a building owned by Aberdeen Asset Management“, have declared for ZF sources in the real estate market. The representatives of the three parts involved in the transaction have not commented the information.


Since the beginning of the year, GTC has also a new local management, with Danny Bercovich replacing Shimon Galon, who was director of GTC Romania for 15 years.


Under Shimon Galon’s management, GTC focused exclusively on development, relaizing projects sold with consistent profits, such as  Europe House and America House in Piaţa Victoriei, but also a series of Galleria malls, which could be considered resounding failures. (source: