“The new state aid scheme includes non-reimbursable financing, within the limits, of salary costs (for brute average salaries) over a period of two consecutive years as a result of creating a minimum of 20 new jobs through an initial investment. We can emit agreements for participation in the support-scheme until 2020, and the de minimis payments will be made during the 2015-2025 interval, as much as the budget allows”, according to a press release from the Government.


The state announced at the beginning of February that they will initiate a process of helping out financially firms that create a minimum of 20 jobs, by covering salary expenses.


“For companies that create at least 20 work places, the State will pay half of the total value of salary expenses. We are not talking about reducing taxes or social contribution, we’re talking about half of salary expenses, half of everything that is commonly called a salary”, Ponta explained at that time.


Asked if there will be any kind of limitations on the salaries eligible for the discount, Ponta replied:


“We’re talking about the average national salary. If you pay your employees EUR 20.000, you don’t need a discount”. (Source: business-review.eu)