Following the strategic positioning pillar, Globalworth – PLACE TO GROW -, the design changes bring a new work experience for the largest business community in Romania. Aligning the building to the highest standards of sustainability and efficiency, Globalworth continues to respect its commitment to keeping its portfolio in the “A” class premium category.

 Under the guidance of the Globalworth team & architect Alin Dobrescu, between June and September 2021, there took place works for the reception’s transformation, interior restoration, facilities’ modernization, renovation, and repairs, equipping the space with furniture and interior & exterior decorations.

The main architectural direction creates a warm atmosphere, in which the 1,700 people working in the building can feel welcomed when they arrive at the office and can disconnect when they want a break from their daily activities. Thus, the 300 square meters indoor areas and 150 square meters outdoor have undergone a metamorphosis, resulting in an innovative space, inspired by the hospitality industry.

 “We are glad that we have completed the TCI refurbishment process for which the majority of the works were carried out after working hours not to disturb our business community. The project was challenging for our team, due to the transformation of an office lobby into a more relaxing “hospitality-like” space. So, what our new TCI lobby wants to offer is a leisure type break during office hours”, said Raluca Ghica, Head of Globalworth Workplaces Romania.

The TCI lobby has a green living wall with moss and green areas with natural plants, a screen with 6 state-of-the-art LEDs and the latest generation technological and aesthetic turnstiles, which also allow access for people with mobility disabilities. Electronic automation for the revolving door at the main entrance has also been added. The warm atmosphere was enhanced by the comfortable furniture in organic shapes and the spectacular lighting powered by “local luminaries”, as well as suspended fixtures and floor lamps in the waiting areas. One of the main additions following the refurbishment was the opening of a coffee shop.

Tower Center International is a landmark Class “A” multi-tenanted office building located in the heart of the central business district of Bucharest, in the prestigious Victoriei Square, very close to Kiseleff and Herastrau Parks. It benefits from underground parking and excellent public transport with easy access to any point in the city. The office building is certified BREEAM Very Good.