Phase II of the project benefitted from an investment of 20 million euros and features an urban forest spanning 1,000 square meters, contributing to the absorption of over 5 tons of CO₂ annually. It includes an open-air amphitheater with a capacity of 1,500 people, 2,000 meters of pedestrian pathways and tiered promenade, cascading water mirrors, creative meeting spaces, fluid architecture, and biophilic design that addresses the human need for integration with nature.

The facilities that YUNITY Park is offering represent a paradigm shift in the way people relate to office life, especially in a post-pandemic world, where life quality has become extremely important, and work-life balance is a crucial aspect when choosing a workplace.

“YUNITY Park marks the beginning of a new era in workspace design. We are not only talking about a traditional office, but rather about creating a new public space, specifically crafted as a sustainable extension of the work environment. We want to rewrite how we work, to challenge the paradigm of work spaces, and YUNITY Park is a model for that future, highlighting  ecological responsibility, flexibility in work arrangements, and cost efficiency,” said Liviu Tudor, Genesis Property President.

In addition to these elements that have been specifically crafted for people’s well-being, the project’s infrastructure also includes elements designed to reduce utility costs for common areas, which will bring direct financial benefits to tenant companies. A rainwater retention basin allowing for the irrigation of the entire park, intelligent and energy-efficient LED systems for night-time lighting and a network of over 1,000 photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of campus buildings are just some of the most important features. Furthermore, the photovoltaic panels secure 12% of the entire park’s energy consumption needs. Since February 2023, 317 tons of CO₂ and 17,196 trees have been saved, adding  to the achievement of 128 tons of coal reduction.

“This park is not just a green space, it is a complex structure, comparable to an investment in two office buildings. Aside from the urban forest, we have also integrated 4,000 square meters of photovoltaic panels, producing more energy than needed for maintaining the green spaces.In the current climate, companies are seeking solutions to reduce costs as well as the surface of  rented offices, while also maintaining a high level of productivity and the quality of the spaces. YUNITY Park meets these needs, setting a new standard for the real estate industry,” added Liviu Tudor.

The total investment in the transformation of YUNITY Park will be larger than 50 million EUR, with the final delivery date set for Q3, 2024.

Genesis Property is the first real estate developer in Romania to join UN Global Compact. The buildings in their portfolio are BREEAM Very Good certified since 2013 and in the process of obtaining the BREEAM Outstanding certification. YUNITY Park meets the nZEB criteria as of this year. Moreover, all seven buildings in YUNITY Park will have IMMUNE Building Standard™ – Resilient, 5 stars out of 5, reflecting Genesis Property’s commitment to a healthy work environment and urban life.

“At Genesis Property we are not only committed to developing buildings, but also to creating sustainable and innovative communities. YUNITY Park is the apex of this vision, and it showcases our commitment to a future where all work spaces are in harmony with the environment and human needs,” stated Liviu Tudor.