The office building in which General Electric will be installed was opened last month, being built next to the villa of the former Governor of the National Bank of Romania, Mihai Oromolu (1922-1926), Villa Oromolu.

 The building was built by NEPI Rockcastle, the company resulting from the merger between South Africa's investment fund New Europe Property Investments (NEPI) and the South African real estate fund Rockcastle, following EUR 37 million investment. The largest tenants are General Electric and MET Group.

In Romania, GE is one of the most important producers of local oil equipment through the Lufkin factory, which is located near Ploiesti. GE also produces components for airplanes within the Unison Engine Components factory in Bucharest. It has also resumed the production of energy equipment through the Alstom General Turbo plant in Bucharest. (Source: