Liberty Technology Park Cluj is a project developed by Friborg Development, the real estate sector of the investment fund Friborg Capital.

The initial investment was over 7 million euros and was intended to rehabilitate the two buildings of the former Libertatea furniture factory.

The rehabilitation process resulted in 5,600 square metres of office space, conference and event rooms, as well as relaxation areas including a fitness room, a restaurant and a café.

The entire surface of the project, which was started in 2009, will reach 46,000 square meters and the investment would reach EUR 25 million.

The businessman searched earlier this year for a partner for half of the Technology Park project.
"We are still seeing an enormous development potential of the project, as well as of the city of Cluj. Phases 3 and 4 of the project involve a more complex level of development and implicitly the need for funding, but also expertise. We want to continue to develop a complex multifunctional project and associating with a strategic partner for these next steps is important", the Liberty Technology Park representatives said in February. (source: