The four companies currently have almost 4,000 employees who work in the IT services centers in Romania providing support for customers in the entire world.


Atos Romania has over 1,300 employees and will hire another 700. Huawei Romania has two support centers in Bucharest, each with about 1,200 employees. The company ponders opening another center in the west of the country, and could make the announcement by the end of the year.


Microsoft Romania has about 600 engineers and wants to add 200-300 new jobs annually in the next two years. French company Pentalog also wants to increase its local team, which currently has 700, with about 300 people annually.


The entire local industry of outsourcing, IT services and software development employs about 90,000 people. The number could grow to some 150,000 in the next 3-5 years. (source: