Andrei Diaconescu and Victor Căpita­nu are some of the most discreet investors in the real estate market. They own 50 pct each of the shares of One United Properties.


„One United Properties bought the plot, but one of the shareholders remained with a small percent. We wish to modify the residential project and we are still in strategy phase for the plot“, said Andrei Diaconescu.


The value of the transaction is estimated by ZF at nearly EUR 6 million without VAT, the price of the area being of approx. EUR 800 per sqm. The parties didn’t comment the transaction value.


„We continue our plan to develop in partnership residential projects offering facilities mix in  areas already established for offices. We have such an intention for the Barbu Văcărescu area, a natural sequel of the project One Herăstrău Park. We believe that a possible solution for the infrastructure is the polarization of certain areas in Bucharest, the right mix of offices, residential, retail and services and discouraging traffic between zones with different functions “, said Geo Mărgescu, CEO and founder of Forte Partners. (sursa: