The president of the District Council in Cluj, Horea Uioreanu, has declared yesterday that the future park will insure the connexion between the business and university environments.

"District Council in Cluj aims to develop a project with the managing company of the industrial parks Tetarom and the university environment and will establish a Science and Technology Park. We will benefit from the expertise of IASP (International Association of Science Parks), the global network of science parks and innovation areas. Cluj was chosen considering the presence of universities in here, their experience and the dynamic business environment. We will sign a protocol in the next period with the universities and the economic environment.   This park will insure the connexion between the business and university environments ", Uioreanu said.

The manager of SC Tetarom SA, Viorel Găvrea, has also declared, during the same press conference, that the future park will be developed on a plot of approx. 10 ha, its identification in a maximum area of 10 km to Cluj-Napoca being the next step. The park is scheduled for completion by 2015.

The IASP director, Luis Sanz, has also declared that Tetapolis "will be the first Science and Technology Park in Romania". "Tetapolis will benefit from IASP support, will have access to the international network of the Science and Technology Parks , but also to a data base of potential clients.", Sanz said.

IASP was established in 1984 and has its headquarters in Malaga, Spain. The association has special consultative status near the Economic and Social council of UN and has approx. 400 membres. (source: