The growth will be supported this year, besides exports, by the good agricultural production. The economy will also benefit from the relaxation of the monetary policy, after the Central Bank reduced the monetary policy interest both in July and in August, the document shows. According to it, a general economic recovery starts to be felt in the Eurozone, but, in spite of the positive signals, the economic growth is expected to be a slow one.

However, the document shows, sharp differences continue to exist between countries in the centre and those at the periphery of the Eurozone. The economic growth is also estimated to be slowed down by the process of reducing the indebtedness level both in the public and in the private sector, as well as by the lack of some affordable finance sources.


Both aspects will have a greater impact on peripheral economies, leading to even steeper differences from the central countries in the Eurozone. EY has 167,000 employees in 700 offices of 140 countries and approximately 24.4 billion dollars revenues in the fiscal year ended on June 30, 2012. (source: