Only 21% of the respondents expect the profit growth rate of their company to range between +5 to +10% in 2014 compared with 37% in 2014, but a lower percentage of 26% vs. 31% in 2013 expect the profit of their company to grow between +10 to +30% in 2014. At the beginning of 2014, 2% of respondents say the salary increase in their company is expected to exceed 10%, the same percentage as last year.

Most importantly, while 42% said there would be no salary increase for them in 2013, only 19% say the same at the beginning of 2014. Unlike last year, when most companies (76%) said that they would continue to stay on the market if it declined, in 2014 only 56% say the same.


A still high percentage of companies (56% in 2014 vs. 46% in 2013) though, are willing to transform the market through innovative approaches in case such a decline occurs this year as well, the main companies’ strategy for financing investments appears to be through bank loans (49% in 2014 vs. 46% in 2013). The intercompany loans, own resources and reinvested profit are expected to increase to 39% in 2014 compared to 27% at the beginning of 2013. (source: