The new office of the company is the first in Romania and in this area of Europe, which was joined by the one in Belgrade. The space in Timisoara will allow the support of the group worldwide, here being the main headquarters of the company, from where will be coordinated the entire research activity in the other three big cities where the company is present: New York, Belgrade and Cork.

"One of the criteria that were the basis for choosing the next headquarters was to have all over 100 employees on the same floor. Another important aspect was the easy access to services, such as: banks, fitness room, restaurants, post office, etc.", said Alan O'Herlihy, CEO of Everseen.

The team from Timisoara has over 100 employees and develops technologies to optimize the activity in the retail field, which will be launched on the Romanian market as well.

"Six years ago, we opened our first development laboratory, in a converted house in the city of Timisoara," said Alan O'Herlihy. Everseen is a company established in 2008, originally from Ireland, and specializes in software development to reduce losses at retail outlets.

Iulius Town, developed by the companies Iulius and Atterbury Europe, is the largest investment in the west of the country, with a total value of 442 million euros. On the office segment, Iulius Town currently has three business buildings in operation and one under development, UBC 0. This will be the tallest building in Romania, with 27 floors and 155 m high. The UBC1 class A office building has a total area of 13,000 sqm. (source: