For 2014, the project’s representatives planned sales of minimum EUR 6 million.

The complex Ibiza Sol Residence was completed in 2008 by the Spanish developer Ibiza Group, following total investment of EUR 60 million. The complex include 14 buildings U+Gf+3F, a garden on 12,000 sq. m, 2 Jacuzzi pools, seated spa areas, a mini-golf field, fitness centre and a kids club.

Out of the 304 apartments, currently only 201 units are available for sale, all the apartments of 4 rooms in ground floor being already sold.


Following its insolvency in December 2011, the complex was taken over for administration by Euro Insol, a company specialized in judicial reorganization, headed by the lawyer Remus Borza. Euro Insol’s portfolio includes several real estate projects such as: Silver Mountain, Asmita Gardens, Green City, Citadella Titan, Verdi Park. (source: