"We will invest in Cosmopolis approx. EUR 18 million this year, an amount which could be considered very large for a single year and a single project on the current residential market. Though 2103 went very well and we consider that there is an existing market for 2014, having goals involving growths an all levels this year – completed units, general development of Cosmopolis and more contracts signed", has declared Ahmet Buyukhanli, CEO Opus Land Development, cited by Mediafax.

The investments this year will be redirected both towards the completion of at least 400 units, as well as towards the development of the general infrastructure of Cosmopolis. Therefore, the lake in the vicinity of the complex will be arranged, a pier will be built as well as a beach, a pool, a bar and several sports grounds.

Cosmopolis currently includes over 1,300 completed units, the community in the project being of more than 2,300 people. If the development targets will be reached, in the end of 2014 there will be over 1,700 units completed in Cosmopolis.


Cosmopolis is situated in the Northern-Eastern Bucharest, in the proximity of the ring Road, between the bridges in Pipera-Tunari and Andronache-Stefanestii de Jos. By now the investments in Consmopolis reached approx. EUR 230 million, including residential units construction, infrastructure, commercial premises and green area. (source: wall-street.ro)