According to Trade Registry Office data, the number of companies with foreign capital participation stood at 199,582 at the end of February, up by 0.5 per cent compared to 31 December 2014 (198,635 companies).


The value of the registered capital grew by 0.9 per cent to RON 147.990 bln (from 146.726 bln on 31 December 2014), by 0.7 per cent to EUR 41.852 bln or by 0.6 per cent to approximately USD 55.888 bln.


The rankings based on the country of origin of investors in companies with foreign capital participation are topped by the Netherlands (RON 31.9 bln and 4,636 companies), followed by Austria (RON 18.251 bln and 6,887 companies), Germany (RON 14.636 bln and 20,709 companies), Cyprus (RON 14.548 bln and 5,614 companies) and France (RON 9.580 bln and 8,053 companies). (source: