Currently, the prices for the lands for industrial and logistic development situate at EUR 25-65/sqm in the area of Bucharest Ring Road, the level depending on the utilities presence and the permits stage. Along A1 Highway, Bucharest- Pitesti, the land sells with EUR 18-50 /sqm.

Among the investors which contributed to the development of the industrial and logistic market, DTZ reminds Bosch, to develop a factory on the industrial platform Tetarom in Cluj, Jucu village, the investment reaching EUR 60 million and Voestalpine, part of the Austrian group specialized in steel production and processing, which opened a new factory in Giurgiu in 2012, with an investment of approx. EUR 20 million.

Also the American company Emerson announced its intention to increase the production capacity in Oradea by creating a unit of production and support, the value of the investment being estimated at EUR 50 million. At the same, the former Tnuva factory in Popeşti-Leordeni, near Bucharest, was purchased by the Turkish company Sutas, the transaction being estimated at approx. EUR 10 million, and Michelin Group, one of the most important tyres producers, have bought in 2013 a plot of 20 ha, in Zalau, for EUR 1.6 million, with the purpose to extend the factory’s capacity.

The total stock of modern industrial spaces reached approx. 1.4 million sq m in Romanian at the end of 2012, from which 890,000 sqm, representing 63.6% from the national stock, are in Bucharest.

On the background of a small request, together with a limited volume of the deliveries announced for 2013, the build-to-suit developments will remain the main stimulant of the construction activity on this segment.

"for the end of the year we anticipate a significant growth of the total stock of industrial and logistic modern spaces from the capital ", the DTZ report shows.

In 2012, the level of A and B class industrial and logistic renting  reached 100,000 sqm, from which 50,000 sqm were transactions closed in Bucharest, 25,000 sqm in Ploiesti, 12,000 sqm in Cluj-Napoca and 10,000 sqm in Timisoara.

In the first three months in 2013, the renting reached 10,000 sqm in Bucharest. The transactions volume registered in the same period in other cities in Romania was bigger than in the capital, the most active locations being Ploiesti and Brasov, with a total of approx. 20,000 sqm.

The average area of the industrial and logistic spaces rented situated between 1,000 and 3,000 sqm, a similar level with the one registered in the last three years, only a few transactions being of 8,000-10,000 sqm. The request was generated by the distribution and logistics sectors, followed by the production companies.

The un-occupancy rate for A class logistics remained stable in the last quarter of 2012, at 10%-13% in Bucharest and 13-15% in secondary cities such as Timisoara, Arad and Ploiesti.

"On the background of a reduced volume of renting and without major projects to be delivered by the end of 2013, we anticipate that the un-occupancy rate will remain stable during the entire year ", DTZ consultants have showed.

The rents also remained stable, for large premises, over 5,000 sqm, being of EUR 3.2-3.8 / sqm/month, with effective net values that could be even more competitive.

For the class B warehouses, the asked rents vary between EUR 2.5 and EUR 3 /sqm/month, the owners of these assets being more flexible for the companies that diminished the level of the activity or reduced dramatically the operational costs.

For the end of the year, DTZ Echinox estimates a constant level of rents, in the range of EUR 3.2-3.7/sqm/month. (source: