The company Town Imobiliar SRL, controlled indirectly by two investment vehicles Netherlands, started this winter the works to an office project on five floors to be developed in the proximity of Charles de Gaulle Square, in the vicinity of Herastrau Park, one of the most expensive real estate zones in Bucharest.


The works were started by the company Soletanche Bachy România, which is due to complete by March the foundation and the three underground parking levels, the delivery of the project being scheduled for 2016, considering the validity of the construction permit.


The project is developed on a plot of land of nearly 1,500 sq. m at the crossroad between Alexandrina St. and Mareşal Constantin Prezen Blvd., in the proximity of the Marfin Bank headquarters.


Taking into account the value of the land in the area and the project’s size, the investment could be estimated at more than EUR 5 million.


The data from the Trade Registry show that the company  Town Imobiliar SRL is controlled by the companies Diham SA (30.5%), Imobiliar Com 2000 (29%), Atlan­tis Business Center (27.5%) and San­ter System (12.9%), companies involved mainly in real estate activities.  (Source: