They mention that the transactions with luxury buildings and lands downtown Bucharest have increased in the last year with at least 10 pct.


"It is obvious an increasing appetite of the investors for the real estate market in Bucharest. Many of the projects having stagnated in the last four years were unblocked and have as completion term mid-2016. The most targeted lands are those of more than 1,000 sq. m, where office buildings, commercial spaces and hotels will be built", says Yaniv Dahan, the owner of the agency Palace Estate.


The increase if the request for the lands in Northern Bucharest did not influence the evolution of prices compared to last year, say the brokers of Palace Estate.


The prices of the lands in the area Pipera Tunari- Scoala Americana vary between EUR 130 and EUR 200/sq. m and those situated near the Ring Road sell under EUR 100/sq. m.


In the area Pipera-Iancu Nicoale-Sos. Petricani the price of lands varies between EUR 150 and EUR 300/ sq. m and in the area Pipera-Iancu Nicolae-Gradina Zoologica the prices are between EUR 200 and EUR 600/sq. m .


According to the studies made by Palace Estate, the real estate market will continue its transactions dynamic growth, without having the effect of price increases. (source: