Marian V. Popa, 59, was appointed manager of DB Global Technology. Popa will be in charge with the management and development of the DB Global Technology center in Bucharest, which is the fourth center opened by Deutsche Bank worldwide, where up to 500 IT&C specialists will be working by the end of 2016. The recruitment process started at the end of 2013 and the company estimates that by mid-2014, it will have 100 hired experts.


Popa has worked for 30 years in the management of important IT&C companies in Romania and Europe. More recently, between 2004 and 2012, he acted as CEO of Endava in the Central and Eastern Europe region.


“The choice of Bucharest as a location for the Deutsche Bank technology center represents an acknowledgement of the significant resources of talent that out country has. I am confident that DGBT will become a landmark for talented people who wish to make an exceptional career in IT&C both at local and international level,” said  Marian V. Popa, manager of DBGT.


The technology center will develop high-quality software for the global operations of the bank and will represent a platform for highly trained software engineers.


The recruitment process started at the end of 2013, and by the end of the year, DB estimates there will be 200 specialists working in the facility.


“As traditional partners of Romania, Deutsche Bank is consolidating its long-term commitment towards our country by inaugurating a technology center in Bucharest. DB Global technology will develop advanced technological solutions for numerous activities of Deutsche Bank, which illustrates the enormous potential of the local IT&C sector,” said Mihai Ionescu, representative of Deutsche Bank in Romania, in a press release.

Deutsche Bank is present in Romania since 1998.


By yearend, the team in the technology center will count 200 specialists. (source: