"We faced several situations when the new office buildings developers are trying to attract from the existing projects. The tenant is tempted with a lower rent and other facilities, part of the relocation costs being covered or the penalties the tenant has to pay if terminates the lease with other developers before term. In these conditions is tempting to move out", has declared Silvia Opris, partner within Schoenherr si Asociatii, duting ZF Construction & Infrastructure Summit '14 conference, Mediafax writes.


In her turn, Madalina Cojocaru, the head of the office department within DTZ showed that, although there were also requests from the companies entering the Romanian market, the developers are still giving certain incentives for the anchor tenants (occupying larger areas) and that there was registered a cannibalization phenomenon between the office buildings owners.


"Compared to the last years, when there was not much activity on the market, now we are receving more requests from the companies which intend to start businesses in Romania. The rents have decreased compared to 2009-2010, to EUR 18.5 per square metre, but the decrease was not as important as the press wrote, while the incentives the landlord are giving to the anchor tenants are interesting. There are relocations, those taking places for the newer technology, due to the companies’ consolidations. It is a cannibalization process between the owners ", Cojocaru said. (source: wall-street.ro)